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Our videos have been designed to show great detail in all of the tasks associated with caring for a disabled companion dog. When possible, we attempt to show diagrams right alongside the actual procedure being performed on the "star" of the series, our very own Buddy2. In addition, all videos show the actual process from beginning to end, so it is our sincere desire that no one will be offended by the actual and complete video segments detailing the expressing of the bowels , for example.

We also attempt to shoot some tasks from multiple angles and vantage points to give the viewer a very complete look at the mechanics of each task. As with anything in life, practice makes perfect. So, after viewing these videos, practice them on your dog. Remember to go slowly and to act with care and respect and your dog will respond accordingly. In no time, you will be dcompletely comfortable with these techniques.

Please do send in your comments and suggestions. This whole idea is about learning, and we are very open to anything that will make the site better and easier to use.  

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