The Story of a very special dog, Buddy2

Pictured above  is the inspiration for our web site-  our wonderful rescue border collie, Buddy2.As you can see, being paralyzed hasn't slowed him down one bit!  Buddy2 became suddenly paralyzed in his back end in March 2010.  He  had absolutely no muscular control in his hind quarters and he was incontinent as well.  It appears that he suffered from a condition known as FCE,  where a cartilaginous clot is thrown into the spinal region, effectively killing it from the point of contact back.   We  we   told at the time that there was no way we would be able to cope with both a paralyzed  and an incontinent adult dog.  It  was the incontinence we were told that was always the deal breaker.  On top of everything else,  Buddy2 had always suffered from chronic colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome,  so  incontinence in his case was going to be a huge challenge.   But Buddy2 still looked very  happy.    We  vowed then and there to learn everything we could about taking care of  such a special needs companion.   It  was very stressful at times and difficult to find  accurate information about such things as expressing a dog's bowels and bladder.  But we did find some great web sites and  wonderful resources along the way.  Today,  Buddy2  has to be one of the happiest dogs on the planet (of course who wouldn't  be  -  with 2 human "slaves"  waiting on you 24/7!!)    We  feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful dog in our lives,  a dog who has taught us the true meaning of unconditional love, real patience and courage in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.   We  decided to share all of the information & resources we had come across in a web site dedicated to anyone caring for a  handicapped dog,  or perhaps an elderly dog with mobility  and/or incontinence problems. 

We developed this site specifically to answer the need for very clear and understandable videos  showing all the aspects of caring for disabled dogs.  Especially when it comes to issues of incontinence,  it  can be very stressful  when first learning how to manually empty a dog's bladder or bowels.  Our  videos take the mystery  and fear out of  it,  so you can learn exactly  what you need to learn.  Above all, we try to stress how important it is for you to  remain calm  and to always treat your dog with the respect that he or she deserves.  Take  your time  and take a deep breath  whenever you feel frustrated  and remember that your dog is totally trusting you.  You will soon become so attuned to your dog's needs that you will develop a  'sixth sense'   that will enable you to anticipate your dog's needs  and proactively deal with  any situation.


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