Dogs we have helped Dogs we have helped Buddy2 & Jasmine with Cheryl & Travis Adlington This is us with our 2 "kids" at Eagle Lake 199587068 Snow Carting Here's Buddy2 having a grand time in the snow! 199587069 Buddy2 picking his line Even on steep, rocky trails, dogs can easily navigate with help of a quality cart 199587070 Travis with the "kids" Travis with Buddy2 and Jasmine after a stout hike to Upper Sardine Lake 199587072 Buddy2 "cruisin'" This is Buddy2 truckin' along on the main road down from Upper Sardine Lake. He just loves going downhill as fast as he can! 199587075 Snowball Snowball was a Great Pyrenees at the local Humane Society. She lost the use of her hips and rear legs and we assisted with fitting her with a cart so she could get around and go for walks. She since (sadly) passed, but for the time she had the cart, she just loved it and did great. 199587076