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Travis & Cheryl Adlington
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Hello everyone!

We have found absolutely the finest food anywhere for your special needs dog, especially if your dog suffers from incontinence.  It is made by a company called :  First Mate.  The food is very high quality and has no fillers whatsoever.  You can actually feel the weight and density of it when you hold up a bag-  it is considerably heavier than foods you are no doubt used to.  Any of the flavors or varieties are fine, you just need to get your dog on it and stay on that particular type.  One of the best attributes of this food is that your dog will immediately form very solid, almost hard stools.  This fact alone so greatly simplifies working with an incontinent dog that it is worth any price, in my opinion!   We  have encouraged other sto try this brand with their incontinent dogs and the result has been the same every time:  firmer, harder stools and the ability to express the bowels made much, much simpler and less messy for sure.  In addition,  your dog's coat, eyes and energy level will be fantastic - if your local pet store doesn't carry it, email me at : and I can put you in touch with folks who will ship it to you.  Enjoy  and the best of luck tending to your special needs best friend!

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