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Buddy2's mom
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We took both of our dogs to the lake and they got the itches. One scratched but our paralyzed dog became hyperactive. We finally deduced that he was itching and could not scratch. Of course, his human servants came to his rescue. We welcome posts that give insight to the special needs of "capable" pets and make their lives more comfortable and fun.  Jasmine and Buddy Too's mom.


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Scooter Jones
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I often scratch Scooter's head and neck for her when she tells me she needs it (She has a way of doing that; it's hard to explain). But I have started putting a flee and tick collar on her in addition to her Front Line because the collar is in the actual area that she can't reach and I think it helps. I hate to use chemicals but I also hate to see her tortured. The vet said it was okay to do both. Missouri is really bad for fleas and ticks and all manner of itchy bugs.


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