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"To help people cope with the many challenges 

they face when caring for a handicapped dog, 

offering encouragement and assisting with adaptive devices and resources, in order to help eliminate the practice of euthanizing these special needs dogs"

     Capable Canines was founded by Drs. Cheryl and Travis Adlington in order to provide information and assistance to those struggling with the care of a handicapped dog, or perhaps just an older dog with mobility problems. In addition, Capable Canines can aid with all issues of incontinence, which, in the past, was often the "deal breaker" in deciding whether to take on the challenges of caring for such a dog, or euthanizing him or her. We have developed several systems that unravel the mysteries of caring for the incontinent canine, resulting in a pleasant experience that simply becomes a part of the owners' daily and regular routine. Our own paralyzed and incontinent dog, Buddy2, has been our teacher and our guide on this journey of discovery.

     We are based in Northern Nevada and strive to serve this area with both information and hands-on assistance. But our influence does not stop there - with the help of the internet and our web site, we can reach out anywhere on the planet to help those struggling with the care of one of these very special dogs.

     We accept no donations or funding; we only ask that those who use our information or services consider making a donation to the non-profit that we an outreach of: CRCS (Canine Rehabilitation Center & Sanctuary). Many of the dogs that come through CRCS for adoption have special needs, handicaps and mobility/incontinence issues. We are ready to assist the potential adopters with any and all aspects of care for their new companion. No one is turned away. We are always more than happy to meet anyone who needs this type of assistance at the CRCS facility for hands-on instruction.

     Capable Canines is an outreach of the local, Northern Nevada non-profit, CRCS (Canine Rehabilitation Center & Sanctuary.) Founded by Kristen Ivey, the primary mission of CRCS is the rescue, recovery and placement of at-risk dogs in our community. CRCS does not discriminate against any age, breed, or medical condition, providing refuge and a second chance for dogs needing a new start.

     Dogs that come into the care of CRCS are victims of abuse, dog fighting, and laboratory research. Dogs are also taken in that have suffered from neglect, hoarding and puppy mill cases, and dogs that have endured long term confinement or isolation. The 501 C 3 nonprofit organization supports local rescues and shelters, taking in dogs that have been waiting for extended periods to find a home, dogs that have been returned multiple times and dogs that are struggling in the shelter environment due to fear and lack of socialization.

Check out CRCS at:

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