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Buddy2's mom
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Something to consider with an incontinent dog:

If your dog needs assistance to void his/her bladder, consider collecting some urine and helping your dog to mark his/her territory and borders.  When you take your dog on a walk you may notice he/she sniffs and postures as if trying to mark the spot he/she finds to have an interesting smell.  Take your collected sample and put a little scent at each spot your dog indicates is worthy.

My thoughts are that this will give your dog a feeling of normalcy in keeping with their natural instincts.

What brought this to mind is the change I've seen in my non-paralyzed female dog who is now marking like our paralyzed male used to.

I'd welcome feedback and thoughts on this idea.


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Travis & Cheryl Adlington
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What an awesome point!!  This is something that we tend to tally forget and yet it is very important to all male dogs to mark their territory-  i.e. it is a part of their "job."  

Thanks  for taking the time to share this with everyone!!

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